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Recording and Gig Update

May 3, 2016 by Sharon DuBois

We’re getting close to mixing this third album, Into Light! Just have to lay down some horn tracks by Derek Cannon. Andy Irvine is in the midst of playing a bass line over the title track and John will play as only he can, an original and funky drum track over Hiding Behind Jesus Doing The Devil’s Work!
I’m on pins and needles waiting to start the Mix with Trev’Le.
Recently, Mark Dresser played bass on a few tracks when he suggested I hire Mary Oliver to play violin. I did hire her… Standing a few feet away to direct on Monsanto Go!, her violin playing seemed to hit me in the deepest part of my heart and set the tears to flowing. Quite a spiritual force, she is. On Forgive Me Please, she offered a playful, almost sprite-like viola line to complete the instrumentation.FullSizeRender (1)
I’ve posted some photos of recent gigs at the YWCA fund raising event for survivors of domestic violence and another at Casa de MaƱana in La Jolla. Both were very fun and I was able to stretch out with my vocalizing.
I’ll keep in good touch for future events.
Big Love to you All!

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Back to the Studio

March 1, 2016 by Sharon DuBois

Tonight, I’ll be joined by Joey Carano on guitar and John Staten on drums to record the final song for Into Light. Very excited to hear what is created. It’s taken 3 years to finalize the form and lyrics and it finally showed itself yesterday after much soul searching. In college, I was challenged to get my point across with as few words as possible and I think I’ve achieved that in this song. My whole life’s perspective is summed up in 2 lines! Life is interesting.

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