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All Wrapped Up in You

Was written whilst I was at the beach looking at all the people and couples. One jumped out at me, it was all sequins and the sun hit it and made me see auras around her. I wrote it as a ballad. When John Staten, my producer heard it, he added his funky groove to it and made it PoP!

Coming Back to Me

I was sitting in the recording studio mixing my first album 4Some. The children’s song “Ring Around the Rosie” popped into my head and the melody evolved into this song.


I wrote this in response to the seemingly endless and very disturbing loops of the torture video at Guantanamo. I don’t get violence… We wanted to add Daniel Jackson, Gilbert Castellanos and John’s percussion to give it more of a latin feel in honor of Cuban music.

Free My Mind

I wrote this blues song on guitar. I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 3 and so have been aware of the grace that follows emptying the mind of the “chitter chatter”.

I Miss You

Was also written on guitar. I love playing around with harmonics and so this song was created around their multi-dimensional vibrations.


I came up with a little bass riff on the piano. When John and Joshua and Stevo got together they added the sexy intro and ending. Adding Glen McKinney to the mix took that sound to a deeper place.

Electrical Tension

Was written whilst I was on a walk. I kept repeating it over and over until I got home when I could finally write in down.

Here I Am

The guys added a deep groove and this funky sound was created.

Co-Produced by – Sharon DuBois and John Staten

All songs Composed and Preformed by Sharon DuBois

All Vocals – Sharon DuBois
Drums and Percussion – John Staten
Bass – Stephen McKinney
Piano – Joshua White
Guitar – Glen McKinney
Tenor Saxophone – Daniel Jackson
Trumpet – Gilbert Castellanos

The Buzz

  • “Her voice is almost haunting as she delivers her message in this song. I was captivated from the first bar and drawn into a “sit down and listen” position.” Ric Overton Piano SD                              
  • “Confess”…the first things I realized were that I dug the groove and your voice…then I started listening to the lyrics…now you’re one on my favorite vocalists! I was laughing, muttering “Right on!” and totally enjoying the message, which made the track even more compelling than it already was. John D’Agostino critic/music editor of the SD Reader back in the ’80s and wrote a music column for the Los Angeles Times
  • “She has a very unique style which gives the listener something interesting to listen to and she has a knowledge of harmony. The harmony acts as a harmonic floor to support her personal creativity.” Daniel Jackson, Saxophonist
  • “Sharon DuBois……. Is The Now Generation,of Jazz Singers,Making Music,more than the standard fare…” Ron Dhanifu, Jazz 88.3 D.J.
  • “Truth and honesty, passionate creativity reflect in your music…. And the willingness to risk being vulnerable. Seaching to learn, and willing to be taught. The openess to to experience life and art in its many facets.” Russell Bizzett, Drummer
  • “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and experiencing Sharon’s deep passion for music for well over 20 years. We played the Apollo Theater together, the rest is history”. Andy Irvine, Bassist 
  • “I’m so glad I didn’t stay home last night and instead, walked up the street to the jazz jam at that hooka lounge/restaurant (what’s the name of that place?) at 73rd and El Cajon Bl.
    I finally got to hear Sharon live — exceptional, clear range, and no limit at the top.
    I’m talking some lung power, friends.
    And, emotional clarity.
    I think I signed myself up for her yoga class….”Dave Good, Critic/Writer
  • “A True Original”  Joshua White, Pianist
  • “Thanks for sharing Confess, wow…very powerful imagery and message framed in such a funky cool way…nice going! Bruce (Cockburn) would be proud!!”  Gary Craig, Drummer
  • “Sharon Dubois is a musicians singer. She sees herself as a member of a band, not a singer out in front of a backup band. Because of this Sharon conceptualizes the entirety her song performances, not just her vocal parts. From the first ping of a ride cymbal in the introduction to the last sustain of a piano cluster after and ending vamp, it’s all Sharon’s vision. AND she sings her b*tt off!”

    Paul Carman, Saxophonist

  • “[Sharon has] more passion and soul than anyone I’ve ever met and it comes through in everything [she] does. Especially in her music” Christian McBride


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